Press Release of Ria’s Solo atIntercontinental Hotel

Intercontinental hotel has been known to support Art and Culture of the region. This Art season IC hotel Festival city, collaborates with local artist Ria Sharma to bring her creativity to their iconic Hotel
As a civil engineer, Ria Sharma has worked on major infrastructure projects in India such as dams and medical colleges. Since 2000 she is in Dubai and has been involved in the design and construction of iconic projects such as the world’s tallest hotel apartments and award winning skyscrapers. She felt at home amidst the sweat, heat, dust and noise of construction sites and enjoyed working with a multinational crew to build highrises that shaped the distinctive skyline of Dubai.
Then a few years ago, Sharma has found a new passion for art. She now works in her studio creating art as a way of seeking the higher purpose in her life. She also collaborates with social organizations across the globe to create art that can benefit society, especially underprivileged women, special need kids, awareness of Autism, breast cancer awareness , exploited women of Africa and many others. She has developed her own cubism style that is pretty much a derivative of her Civil Engineering and Construction background
Her interested in art
Ria is self-taught versatile artist but her true passion has been the play of Cubism in her monochrome subjects. Her dynamic subjects are in rhythm with controlled cubist lines and powerful spirit that seeks to burst from the constraints of the cubist shapes. This is Ria’s fourth Solo. Each year she takes her solo to different emirates.  She has participated in many international exhibitions. Her work and style Cubism has been extensively covered by all leading newspapers of Dubai and TV.
How did I find my style CUBISM?
Engineering is all about solving problems; finding solutions. Which requires defragmentation of involved components. I guess unknowingly the inner hidden artist always wanted to draw but since I am trained to do only technical drawings, possibly it is more natural for me to consider each part of human figures as constructive block and reconstructing these to build a human structure.
Subjects appear to me as assembly of various components, the joints and how the whole structure comes together as a functional system in harmony.
Art of breaking up my subjects into smaller geometric forms and reassembling them in a blockwise construction methodology is a shearjoy. For me cubism represents a fine fusion of my two professions – An artistic derivative of my engineering background, whereas, reflecting multiple perspectives, is how my inner artist has evolved into.
Current Series

  1. Cosmic Dynamism
As an artist it gives us a beautiful challenge to comeup with something new. I have been experimenting since the beginning of the year on my style which is subject driven. A figure in Trance let it be sufi, ballerina or couple in love from Indian mythology . I challenged myself with pure abstract i.e. to go figure less. To see if I my painting has managed the samerhythmaticdrive and if it carry the similar momentum ….!
Can it it still dance? Withmeloy?
I added a bit more of spice to my challenge to keep each artwork one color. Any color. A dancing assembly of light and shadow.
  1. Threads of Devotion
This Solo I am determined toalso show glimpse of a project that is in back of mind from years as responsibility to conserve a personal valuable! Very less people know that I am also creative at needle and thread work thanks to my mom who does everything with hands. My childhood memories are about threads, needles and zipping sound of swingmachine. I have been working this summer to give life to the fading memories and tradition of the sindhi embroidery and mirror work. And merging it in harmony with Dynamics of my Cubism. There is indeed a lot that needs to be done to give shape to this unique idea and I am quite keen to learn how it is received by the audience.
Along my new projects I am also displaying my Cubic Sufis, Radha and ballerinas
The Lyrical Soul series, featuring ballerinas conveys the idea that immersing yourself in something you are passionate about, be it dance, music or art is like being in the melodious eternal trance.
Love for Arabic Calligraphy
I love Arabic calligraphy and was fortunate to meet master calligrapher Mohammed Atiq Ansari, who taught me this ancient art form.