King Hussein Cancer Center First in the Kingdom to Preform Percutaneous Cryotherapy for Small Kidney

King Hussein Cancer Center is the first hospital in the Kingdom to successfully perform a Cryoablation of Kidney tumor, which enables freezing the tumor cells without affecting the rest kidney through using special needles.
The King Hussein Cancer center team included Hazim Haboub, M.D., Consultant of Interventional radiology; Mohammed Shahait, M.D., Consultant of urology; Hussein Abo-Khader, Chairman of anesthesia. These Physicians combined their collective expertise in minimally invasive kidney surgery, interventional radiology, and cardiac anesthesia to complete the operation in July.
The aim was not only to treat the tumor but also to preserve the rest of the healthy part of the kidney, minimize the risk of bleeding and avoid general anesthesia as the operation was performed under conscious sedation,” said Dr. Shahait. “This resulted in minimal post-operative pain and no opioids needed after the procedure.”
The Cryotherapy of small kidney tumors may provide an alternative option for the appropriate patient, including patients with high risk for general anesthesia. During the procedure, the team inserted four needles in the kidney tumor. Then used the cryotherapy machine to freeze the tumor.
“The Cryotherapy approach is very promising,” said Dr. Haboub. “We are looking forward to continuing to refine this technique, and our team is optimistic that this minimally invasive technique can add to our range of options for treating small kidney tumors.”
Abdulla Nofal, M.D., chair of Radiology in the King Hussein Cancer Center, said, “This technique allows patients to regain their quality of life more rapidly. Using the latest technology to help our patients live a full life is the true spirit of innovation that we foster at King Hussein Cancer Center.”