Abdali Hospital has signed anagreement with leading organizations

Pfizer and Mayo Clinic to improve awareness, diagnosis and timely treatment of amyloidosis in Jordan 

Abdali Hospital has announced that it has been awarded a grant by leading international pharmaceutical company Pfizer, to improve awareness, diagnosis and timely treatment of amyloidosis in Jordan and the region. The project will extend over two years and will have technical support from experts at Mayo Clinic,a top USA healthcare system.
Amyloidosis is a rare disease caused by abnormal deposition and accumulation of proteins in the tissues of the body, mostly affecting the heart and nervous system. The complexity of the condition requires the collaboration of a specialist team across different departments. The Abdali National Amyloidosis Center (ANAC) was set up at Abdali Hospital in April 2020, under the leadership of Dr. Ramzi Tabbalat, cardiology consultant. It is run by a multidisciplinary team including cardiologists, neurologists, nephrologists, oncologists, pathologists and nuclear imaging radiologists. The team has the skills to diagnose and treat all different types of amyloidosis.
“We are immensely excited about this opportunity” said Dr. Ramzi Tabbalat. “Progress in research is allowing us to diagnose and treat amyloidosis at an earlier stage, significantly increasing the chances of success. This grant will help us improve our capabilities in Jordan and the region”.
Amyloidosis is one of the multiple cardiology subspecialties at the Abdali Hospital Cardiovascular Center. This advanced department pioneers other areas in Jordan, includinga heart failure clinic and cardiac rehabilitation service. It has some of the most advanced technology including thelatest and most integrated Electrophysiology (EP) lab with high-end catherization lab in the region, as well as state of the art operating theatres. The Department is run by highly trained specialists working in a structured team.
Mr. Ahmad Abu Ghazaleh, Abdali Hospital’s Vice Chairman said: “Collaboration is core to Abdali Hospital’s mission. We are grateful for this opportunity to work with global healthcare leaders to advance the science and improve the quality of life of patientssuffering from such complex diseases”
Abdali Hospital is a 200-bed multispecialty hospital with the mission to provide best-practice patient-centred care and to promote research and education in Jordan and the MENA. The hospital offers comprehensive diagnostic services, outpatient clinics, emergency and all hospital services across over 17 specialties.