Solo -The Inner Landsacape

When you see the enchanting twirl of the sufi come alive on canvas in not one but in numerous different settings, it is natural to be looking for the one who has so beautifully created the magic.
Meet Ria K. Sharma, one of the new creed of artists , focused and determined to reach ever greater heights and polishing their art more and ever more.
Here’s how she describes her journey into art : 
“Having honed my skills in the rough and tumble of civil engineering for almost two decades. Once my ambition soared above the skyscrapers that I was helping build, some of being the iconic landmarks of Dubai skyline”
Self taught and determined inspired by masters of art such as Picasso and Georges Braque, I evolved my own interpretation of the cubist style of painting.
In cubism, combining the flowing form with the discipline of geometry helped share my perception on life, be it the mysticism of the Sufi or the purity of selfless love of Meera (Indian mythology) or the stories of triumph over their unfortunate circumstances of the African women of Kenya. Exploited but still hopeful!
With the desire to my fair bit for the society, I enrolled in art projects that provide social awareness and support to underprivileged. 
Ria was shortlisted for The Global Art Awards 2018, Clyde & Co. MENA award 2018 and Emerging Art awards. With a feature in Canadian based international Art magazine Emboss, her cubism style is sure to interest art lovers and known curators.
Currently, she is looking forward to her upcoming solo exhibition The Inner Lanscape, at IRC Gallery, Sharjah.  Her solo shall include her "Cufism" as named by some  (as a fusion of Cubism  & Sufism) showcasing abstract techniques with blockwise construction methodology.
Her work shall be available for public view from 15th to 28th March. (Enquiries can be directed to gallery at 600588887 or
 “The Inner Landscape’’
Ria believes that the true realization of an individual’s identity lies in achieving a higher consciousness.
So beautifully reflected in the medieval ‘’Sufi’’ tradition, the melodious and mystic everlasting trance and the swirl truly frees him from all the worldly influences around him. “He is in Meditation and so is every human being who is truly immersed in a passion of Music, Dance and Art”
Ria’s has named her whriling derveshes series in Cubism as “The Search Within”. It focuses on the colored head gear and his long white gown, in a state of momentum that divides into many long cubic pieces. Each being integral element of the rhythmic assembly.  The block-wise constructed body of her sufi turns around about its  own axis, His assembled hands in air, in a perfect harmony as if, hoping to seek something unworldly.
Ria relates dervishes whirling to the rotation and revolution. “Rotation is the basic laws of universe, let it be galaxies, planets or even the smallest matter electron , protons, and neutrons in an atoms; are in the state of revolution. Infact there no being or matter that does not revolve” “We all are part of Lord’s supreme soul , and it is our way to be part of him “she says.
Her Cubist artwork merges her engineering background. In my Cubist artwork, objects are analyzed, broken up and reassembled in an abstracted form.
 Block wise construction of Cubic subject is as if constructing a structure. This is further  influenced by common threads between the movements and simplification of much smaller component forms.